What Surfaces can EziCleen Diamon-Fusion be applied to?

EziCleen Diamon-Fusion can be applied to a wide range of surfaces including insulated, low-e, patterned, acid-etched, sandblasted, tempered, laminated, and curved glass. In addition, EziCleen Diamon-Fusion is applied around the world to glass railings, curtain walls, structural facades, interior office walls, windows, granite, tile, porcelain, quartz, and much more.

Can EziCleen Diamon-Fusion be applied to existing surfaces?

Yes! EziCleen Diamon-Fusion can be applied onsite by our network of certified professionals. If you’d like to have your home or building protected, please contact us for more information or to find a professional EziCleen applicator in your area.

How is EziCleen Diamon-Fusion different than other coatings?

Unlike other protective coatings, EziCleen Diamon-Fusion comes with a lifetime warranty on residential surfaces and requires no aftercare products to maintain the actual coating. EziCleen Diamon-Fusion also has no cure time, which means the glass can be handled immediately after application and the benefits can be noticed.

How long does EziCleen Diamon-Fusion last on glass?

EziCleen Diamon-Fusion is an industry-trusted protective coating backed with a lifetime warranty for residential shower glass, as long as the basic manufacturer care recommendations are followed. The glass coating is guaranteed to remain more water repellent than an untreated surface for the lifetime of the glass.

Why is EziCleen Diamon-Fusion the best coating for glass

EziCleen Diamon-Fusion comes with a limited lifetime warranty on shower glass and seals the glass for long-lasting durability. In addition to providing superior protection (and unlike other coatings), EziCleen Diamon-Fusion requires no aftercare products to maintain the coating and also has no cure time, which means the benefits can be noticed immediately after it has been applied.

Will EziCleen Diamon-Fusion crack, peel, or discolour over time?

EziCleen Diamon-Fusion chemically bonds to the silica in glass and is 100% optically clear. The coating is also less than 40nm (nanometers) thin, which means it will never crack, chip, peel, haze, discolor, or yellow over time.